2014 Here We Come

Well there I was, all set for the Tinman at the Mount and disaster strikes.
To cut a long story short I was struck by a runaway car and suffered damage to my right leg and knee.


The car was healed in a week but I am still recovering. I could not do Tinman as I was in A and E! However I hobbled around Whangamata three weeks later, thanks to Shelley, at BodyNeed, and then managed my slowest ever Sprint triathlon at Kinloch in February at the Nationals to qualify for the Worlds in August/September in Edmonton, Canada.

An MRI showed a meniscal tear so I will be having a meniscopy as soon as it is approved. Then I have 6 months to get back into shape.It’ll be a struggle!

Kinloch was a good event again and well done to everyone involved. Lots of age-group wins and good performances and two great elite events.

Still have to question why there was ZERO coverage of the event in the Sunday and Monday papers that I read.



If IronMan means spending half a day or more, charging around an Hawaiian island in high temperatures and winds, I suppose that my jaunt around Mt Maunganui  for an hour or so in  a Sprint Triathlon is aptly named Tinman.

However you have to remember that the star event at most Olympics is not the Marathon but the 100 metres sprint. This is one of only a few defenses I have, when my training colleagues, most of whom are Ironmen, tell me that you cannot call yourself a triathlete until you have “stepped up” to do an Ironman.

I am afraid to say, that race will never be on my racing programme.  So I will have to remain a sprint specialist, using the word sprint to define purely the distance and not the speed that I race at!!

However, I will still enjoy the race this weekend. Might see you there.





Christmas is Coming


IMG_1343You know that Christmas is coming in Auckland when the giant Santa appears on the Whitcoulls’s Book store front, now without the moving little finger menacingly  and creepily enticing you inside. Also Starbucks start offering  Christmas Chocolate Frappuccinos.

However, I know that Christmas is near because Stroke and Stride starts up again, it’s time for the Mount Manganui Tinman Sprint, my favorite event of the year, and the first Peoples’ Panasonic race, at Maraetai is on Sunday. Whilst not being at my peak, that will hopefully be at Kinloch in February, I am aiming to do a PB at Maraetai, to show that it is possible to get better with age. I also hope to emulate one of my past achievements there and win a major spot prize (a wet suit about 10 years ago!).

My hopes of beating my TRI@K students are long gone, and I wish them well at the event on Sunday.

Let the build-up begin

After a few weeks low-key training, I am back into things again.

I enjoyed London and met up with my two boys. Hayden competed in the Saturday “open” race and, despite more than a few hiccups in the swim, performed well. My race was 2/3 good and one third awful. I  took a wrong turn on the bike and ended up doing an extra 1.5-2 km and lost 20 or so places. Never mind, you learn by your mistakes!

So it will be: Monday run, Tuesday spin/run, Wednesday swim, Thursday rest, Friday swim/run, Saturday brick, Sunday bike/swim, for a few months interspersed with Stroke and Stride, Panasonic and Tri NZ racing. Can’t wait!

Then Edmonton and redemption in September.IMG_6246

Plans for new season

Having a few days off.

Did a brick session at Olympic just to make sure everything was working – it was. Knee was a bit sore but that’s going to be an on-going problem.

Just entered the Stoke and Stride and Panasonic Series. Will do some of the TriSeries, a couple of Ocean Swims and the World Champs in Auckland and the World Cup in New Plymouth, if there’s a Sprint event.

Going to be a busy few months. Can’t wait.

See you there.

London – World Champs

Days One and Two. Left Auckland on Saturday afternoon after doing Waterfront cycling  16 km TT in a PB of 26:44. Arrived in London on Sunday morning  after a long 31 hour journey. I know Dubai Airport pretty well having spent many hours of my life there. It’s very modern and basically Sylvia Park on steroids.


Got stung for excess baggage and then zip broke on my bike bag and I ripped my suit. So not a good trip overall.

Got Gatwick Express into London and made my way to Marble Arch on the corner of Hyde Park.

Day Three  Monday in  London, cold, wet and windy, just like I left it!  Went for bike ride around Hyde park. Not sure of the  course yet. Busy old place, going to be conjested on bike leg of race. Met Hayden for lunch. Went for run before tea and got lost. Ended up going further than I had intended!

Day Four  A bit warmer today. Swam with Blake and Hayden in the Serpentine. IMG_1201Coldish but not too bad. Could see my arm in front but not easily!  Took bike bag into be fixed. In afternoon went to Hampton Court, home of Henry the Eighth. Ate scones, jam and cream and played croquet on lawn.

Day Five  Wednesday. Did not do much.

Day Six  Thursday. Racked bike.  Early night.

Day Seven  Race Day  Despite a limited build-up I was quietly confident of a top 20 (out of 85 starters in my age-group). However the standard was high (8 guys ran under 20 mins and one did 17:28). The winner’s times were10:58 / 38:01 / 18:36. Hard to beat. I enjoyed the race but it would n’t be me without a directional malfunction! I swam in 16:08, cycled the 22.5 km course in 44:13 but included an extra 1.5 km loop, and ran in 23:07.  So all in all, I performed OK, apart from the mistake, which was inexcusable…almost.
Here is the excuse: We cycled on the right and at the end of each lap had to cross to the left of a line of cones cones to do the u-turn and start lap two. I, like many others, took the right hand lane after lap one and ended up heading towards transition, 750 metres away. It was pouring down and the signs were late and small. We did not get a chance to ride the course prior to the race.That’s all I want to say about it,  ever again,  but it did cost me about 4 minutes and quite a few places and probably best NZ finisher.

Day Eight/Nine/Ten  Saturday/Sunday/Monday. Another 30 hour Emirates marathon. On a 380 so quite comfortable. Arrived back tired with a cold and back to school tomorrow. Great trip, enjoyed racing in Hyde Park and meeting up with Hayden and David again.

King’s College had three representatives at the National Secondary Schools’ Duathlon Championships in Taupo on Sunday, 25 August, 2013.

Luke Meadowcroft finished in 16th place, Henry Dunne was 19th and Tyler Jerram was 24th. There were 32 starters.

All three followed up in excellent fashion the following Monday at the College Cross Country and finished 2nd. 3rd and 4th respectively in the Junior race.

Mr Bairstow competed in his age group at Taupo and was first (out of one!).

UnknownHenry, Luke, Tyler and Mr Bairstow