Another comeback. Been gymming since the knee repair 2.5 years ago.

Feel like I might be able to do a sprint tri again. Am aiming for a Panasonic in November.

General fitness is good. Will start a bit of running in July, then swimming in August and cycling in Spring.

Will report on progress as and if  it happens.


Got through Kinloch, albeit in an embarrassingly slow time. Hopefully I may have qualified for the World Age-Group Championships in Chicago in September. I am slowly getting back into full training after my knee operations in 2014. Cycled round town this morning. Auckland buzzing with a big boat at Princess Wharf.


Hard to believe we will be swimming next door in March at the Auckland ITU race.

Car- Free

Tamaki Drive was closed to all but me and the runners this morning. At least that’s the way it seemed. Here are the leaders.



First Day of Summer

I always see Labour Weekend as start of summer and the Triathlon season.

Went for my City Coffee ride this morning. IMG_2913Most enjoyable if a little chilly.



Down to Viaduct, up my “hill” (Shelley Beach Road), into town and Queen Street Starbucks for a Grande Trim Flat White then home along Waterfront. A real JAFA bike ride!



Managing to keep training despite ongoing knee problems.

Seeing Josie on Wednesday!

Hope to train with group when Brick Sessions start. Maybe next Saturday?


I’m back and, hopefully, in more ways than one. Went to Edmonton and competed despite a bung knee. Managed to finish and beat ten able-bodied 65+ year olds but hobbled to a record-beating 29 minute 5 km, my slowest EVER! However had a great time and it was a very good event and experience. I am now in re-hab. doing holistic Pilates sessions and a lot more stretching

I’m doing minimal running and using the elliptical cross-trainer at the gym as a substitute. Hoping to get my aerobic and anaerobic fitness through long bike rides and fast-paced interval training with  both swimming and biking.

The target race is Kinloch and I’m am still hoping to go to Chicago if I can qualify.

Hope you are all fit and well and may see you at training around the place.

Thanks Josie

Had the operation on the meniscal tear and now wait a few days before resuming training on 8 May. Just  114 days till the age-group final for the World Sprint Championships  in Edmonton on Friday 29 August. Will be a challenge to be ready but certainly do-able. Can’t wait to get started.

A fantastic ride on a sunny Auckland Sunday morning.

Here is Mission Bay at 7.30 am. Makes training easy!